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What Can Your Family Do to Save Money?

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Many families are looking for ways to tighten the belt and build their savings account. Coupon clipping is one way you can cut your budget, but there are many other methods you can use to save money for your family. Here are just a few popular options that you should consider.   Buy a Used Car The temptation to buy your next car new is strong, but it could lead to years of debt. By contrast, if you buy a used car, you and your family could pocket the difference and apply it toward your future. If you are still not convinced that buying a used car is right for you, there are even more reasons you should.   When you think of a used car, you probably are imagining an old, beat-down car that barely runs. However, today’s used cars are held to a higher standard. They are extremely reliable and are inspected before they are made available to the public.   If you are still concerned about buying a used car, you can check on it. There are many consumer sites that offer the ability to check the history of a car using its vehicle identification number. Some of those sites even offer guarantees if the car does not meet your expectations.   The best way to know whether buying a used car is right for you is to visit a local dealership. You can test-drive the car and learn more about the protections that are in place for you.   Join a Frequent Shopper Club When some people think of frequent shopper clubs, they have visions of senior adults loading up on items they do not need. In reality, a frequent shopper club is ideal for people of all walks in life, and there are many benefits to belonging to one.   In the club, you will get exclusive deals that are available only to members. Many of those deals are targeted to people with similar shopping habits. Instead of seeking out deals, they will practically fall in your lap.   In addition to this, you can also get access to new products before they are available. As a result, you are likely to get in on special savings before they are available to the general public.   There are many other ways you can save money for your family. Take the time to do your research and consider your needs, and you will have a list of saving methods prepared in no...

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Snowmobile Trailer Towing Tips

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If you’re planning on towing your snowmobiles, you’re probably going to be driving in rough winter weather. Even if you’re accustomed to pulling a trailer, doing so on winter roads requires a little more care and consideration. Here are some winter trailer towing tips to keep in mind while you get ready to enjoy some extreme winter fun on your snowmobiles. Clear Off Snow and Ice If your trailer has been sitting outside in winter, it likely has a layer of snow and ice on the bed and on the hardware. If you leave this on the trailer, you might not be able to see well enough to ensure that your snowmobiles are properly mounted to the trailer. In addition, built up ice on the trailer bed can cause your snowmobile to slide while in transit. This could damage your snowmobiles or even dangerously shift the weight on the trailer, causing you to have sudden and unexpected trouble maneuvering your towing vehicle on winter roads. Avoid this safety hazard by really taking whatever time is necessary to completely clear off the snow and ice from your snowmobile trailer. Though it will take more effort, in the end you’ll be saving extra problems getting the snowmobiles secured and attaching the trailer to your vehicle. In future, consider storing your trailer in the garage or at least cover it with a tarp in winter. Double Check the Tires In winter, your tire condition is even more important, especially since you’ll be towing the heavy load of your snowmobiles. Under-inflated tires won’t give you the traction you need on winter roads. Tires with poor tread depth can lead to skidding and worse. Double check the tire tread condition by inserting a penny into the tread. The top of Lincoln’s head should not be visible. Use a household tire pressure gauge to make sure the tire pressure is suitable for the type of tire. Confirm the Trailer Lights Are Working In winter, visibility is often compromised due to falling snow and sleet. Other drivers behind you may not realize you’re even towing a trailer until it’s too late to stop. Get a friend to help confirm that the trailer lights are working, including the brake and turn signal lights. These lights are just as important when you’re towing a snowmobile trailer that’s empty as when you’re towing the snowmobiles themselves. These three winter snowmobile trailer towing tips should help you to get to your winter fun destination safely. For more information, talk to a professional like Ace Trailer...

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3 Vehicles To Consider For Commuting

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One of the most common reasons that people end up buying a vehicle in the first place is to get to and from work. However, not all vehicles are suitable or ideal for use as a commuter vehicle, usually due to their size or how quickly they can burn through fuel. Listed below are three vehicles to consider for commuting to work. Hybrid The best choice for a commuter vehicle if you have a lengthy commute to and from work is a hybrid, mostly because it can provide quite a bit more value for your money when it comes to fuel economy. It is not uncommon for a hybrid vehicle to have a substantial advantage in terms of fuel economy over similar cars in their class, with some hybrids even getting twice as much or more miles per gallon than comparable non-hybrid vehicles.  As a result, you can end up saving quite a bit of money on fuel when commuting to and from work, which lets you keep quite a bit more of your paycheck. In addition, there are numerous tax breaks and benefits available if you buy a hybrid that can help you offset the purchase price of the vehicle.  Sports Car While a sports car may not seem like the most practical or economical choice for a commuter vehicle, it more than makes up for it by making your commute much more entertaining. Since most people spend a large chunk of their total driving time commuting back and forth from work, it only makes sense to make that driving time as enthralling and fun as possible. The excitement and fun provided by a sports car can help energize you on the drive to work or help you unwind on the trip home after a long day at work. Motorcycle Finally, a motorcycle is a great choice for a commuter vehicle if you aren’t planning on taking part in any carpool programs or giving co-workers a ride to work on occasion. The main reason that a motorcycle is a good choice is that it combines the benefits listed above for sports cars and hybrids. Most motorcycles will provide you with much better fuel economy than even a hybrid can offer while still providing you with the fun factor that a sports car offers. In addition, there are a number of motorcycles on the market that provide quite a few storage compartments so that you can carry your lunch, paperwork, laptop, or other work essentials while keeping them protected from elements. As a result, you do not have to worry too much about a motorcycle’s lack of a trunk. Drop by a dealership in your area today to take a look at the various vehicles that would make good commuter vehicles. Hybrids, sports cars, and motorcycles are all great choices to consider when shopping for a new commuter...

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How To Identify A Low Maintenance Used Car

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A good used car should be in a good condition, relatively cheap to buy, and inexpensive to maintain. Most people concentrate on the first two factors without giving much thought to the last one. If you do that, however, you can end up buying a car that will cost you an arm and a leg to maintain. Here are two important factors you should research to ensure that doesn’t happen to you: The Car’s Mileage and Age Most car parts are designed to be replaced or serviced at particular mileages. For example, the replacement interval for a timing belt ranges from 60,000 miles to 105,000 miles; the exact mileage depends on the make and model.  Therefore, if you are buying a car that has a timing belt that needs to be replaced at 90,000 miles and it has already crossed the 80,000-mile mark, don’t ignore the cost of replacing the belt. According to some car authorities, a typical car has these three major mileage milestones in its life: 30,000 to 40,000 miles – This is where most factory warranties expire, and the car requires its first major service. Things like brakes and tires have probably worn out and need to be replaced. 60,000-70,000 miles – The second major service comes at around this point, and it is more expensive than the first. The timing belt may need to be replaced at this point. 100,000 miles – By this time the car’s paint is showing its age, the interior requires major service and the normal major service may also need to be done.  Therefore, if you are buying a car, have these milestones in mind, so you know the costs to expect after purchase. Apart from mileage, age is one of the factors that determine the car’s condition. Even if a car hasn’t been driven much, it will show signs of wear and material breakdown after some time. There is no universal age at which cars “expire.” However, all factors constant, the older the car, the more you should expect to use for its repair and maintenance. Service and Accident History You also need to scrutinize the car’s service history to know how well its previous owner maintained it. There are various ways of finding a car’s service history without tracking down its previous owners. For example, some car manufacturers have centralized records from which you can get their cars’ service histories. You can also use the vehicle identification number (VIN), unusually located in the door frame or engine compartment to learn more about the car’s service history. Supply the manufacturer with the VIN and they will tell you the dealer who sold the car first; contact the dealer to see if they have its service history. Contact used car dealerships in Shakopee MN for more...

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What To Know About Buying A Car With No Credit History

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Buying a car can seem almost impossible when you don’t have any credit history. However, this isn’t the case. Buying a car with no credit history can actually be done if you just know the right way to go about it. Here’s what you should know about buying a car when you have no credit history: Be Realistic: When you are shopping for a car, it needs to be priced low enough that it’s only taking out a small chunk of your monthly income. When lenders take a look at your monthly income, they will see that you are more likely to pay the monthly payment on a loan, which makes them more likely to approve you. Attempting to finance a car that is going to take up a large chunk of your monthly income definitely won’t get approved, especially when you have no credit history to support your ability to pay the monthly loan amount.  Have a Down Payment: Another way to prove your responsibility financially to lenders when purchasing a car is to have a down payment ready. Besides, having a down payment can benefit you, as well. This is because it is going to significantly reduce the amount that you are paying for the car each month.  Find Programs That Can Help: There are a few programs that will help you finance a car when you don’t have a credit history. For example, there is a first-time buyer program. This program will help you purchase certain models of vehicles. Just keep in mind that you will need a down payment, as well as a steady job to apply. The benefit of programs like this though is that you won’t need a co-signer, which allows you to avoid having to ask a friend or family for help.  Find a Co-Signer: Of course, having a co-signer is never a bad thing. It just means that you will need to be sure that you are definitely paying the monthly car payment or it can negatively affect the co-signers credit. A co-signer with good credit history is best because this gives lenders reason to believe that no matter what, they will get the monthly payment they are owed.  When you know these things about buying a car when you have no credit history, you can see that it’s definitely possible as long as it is done in the right way and with a realistic mindset. Click here to learn more about car financing services....

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Four Ways To Get The Car Of Your Dreams Without Going Broke

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If your heart skips a beat every time you see a certain make or model of car and the one you’re driving is on its last leg, it’s time to go shopping! However, affording the car of your dreams can be next to impossible on a tight budget. Here are five ways to put yourself into the vehicle you really want, even though your finances force you to be frugal. 1. Find New Ways To Save More Money The higher the down payment you apply to the price of a vehicle, the lower your monthly payments will be; thus, if you can figure out ways to save more money and drop more cash at the point of purchase, you can look for the car of your dreams, rather than whatever is on sale. Evaluate your spending based on want vs. need: While you may not be able to pay less for things you need, such as rent and utilities, you can lower the cost of goods you merely want, such as take-out foods, designer clothing and movies. Consider the fact that Americans throw away approximately 529 dollars a year on food and find numerous other ways to spend unwisely. What are you throwing money away on? How can you do better? 2. Improve Your Negotiation Skills While you will likely benefit from sharper negotiation skills on the car lot, have you considered haggling over the APR on your credit cards or (finally) asking for that raise at work? Car salespeople are accustomed to going back and forth with prospective buyers, so you should attempt to lower the price tag on your new wheels; however, look at other areas in your life and finances where you could save money or gain more of it to work with. 3. Ask A Dealer To Look On Your Behalf Many dealers supplement inventory by shopping at auto auctions, but you probably can’t do that yourself, unless you have a special license. Why not ask a local car dealer to look on your behalf? If they know you’re serious, they will keep an eye out for you, watching for your preferred model and specifications. While there will be fees added to the auction price to cover the dealer’s expenses, you’re still going to end up with a good deal. 4. Buy Basic And Pimp The Vehicle Later Paying cash or financing your used vehicle will be cheaper if there are fewer bells and whistles installed and might land you behind the wheel faster than if you have to look around for a well-equipped model. You could budget things like a stereo, window tint and mag wheels over the course of the next year, rather than factoring those expenses into your monthly payment or up-front costs when paying cash. Customizing the car later could be a lot of fun and doing it on your terms means considerable savings. Finding the perfect car for yourself on terms you can live with isn’t easy, but the more educated and creative you are, the more doors you will open for yourself. Talk to a dealer, examine all your options and make the necessary moves that will put you behind the wheel of something you really love – and can...

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Reasons To Shop From A Used Car Dealership

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Are you worried about buying a used car because you fear that you may put your investment at risk and end up buying an unreliable vehicle? If so, then you may want to consider shopping from a used car dealership instead of buying from an independent seller. There are several ways a used car dealership can help protect your investment and ensure you get yourself into a reliable car that you can count on. Some of the reasons and benefits to shop from a used car dealership are due to the following: Have a Selection of High-quality Cars to Shop From: When used car dealerships purchase cars from trade-in deals or from customers who just want to sell their vehicles, the dealership has their mechanics perform thorough inspections so they can see whether or not the car is in good condition. If the dealership decides to buy the car from the customer, they will also perform any repairs necessary to ensure the vehicle is in top tier condition before they list it for sale. This will ensure you purchase a car that will be reliable and less prone to damages shortly after your purchase. Obtain An Extensive Car History Report: Many car dealerships will be able to help you make the most informed decision when shopping for your used car as they will be able to give you a report of what type of repairs the car has had from its previous owners and if the car has ever been in a car accident. This will help you buy a car that has a good track record of routine car maintenance and hasn’t been involved in a car accident so you can avoid potential complications that neglected maintenance and car accidents can cause. Have the Option To Purchase Warranty Coverage: One of the biggest benefits that you will find when shopping from a used car dealership is the option to buy a warranty plan along with your car purchase. This will allow you to receive coverage from your dealership in case the car were to experience defects shortly after your purchase so you can avoid having to pay out of your own pocket for these repairs. This can save you money on potential defects and can give you some peace of mind when buying a used car. These benefits can add a great deal of protection to your used car shopping experience as your investment will be better protected and you won’t have to fear about buying a car that may have engine damages, electrical issues or cosmetic defects. So, if you want to be able to shop with confidence, be sure to take advantage of the benefits that a used car dealership can provide. To learn more, contact a dealership like Car Save...

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Important Tips To Consider When Buying A Motorcycle

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The freedom that comes with a motorcycle is a great feeling, but the excitement can lead you to making mistakes when purchasing a bike. Choosing a bike that is best for you and your riding skills is extremely important to get the most enjoyment out your motorcycle. Follow these tips for making sure you get a bike that you can appreciate riding. Buy Based On Your Riding Experience If you are buying a motorcycle because of the dream you have of riding it, but have never ridden one on the highway, taking a riding course before you buy is a good idea. Many riders decide to buy a motorcycle for the highway but have only ridden dirt bikes. Remember that riding on the open highway is a completely different than riding on the dirt. Before you spend the cash on a street motorcycle, always consider your riding experience. Keep in mind that riding a motorcycle on the road can be dangerous if you do not have some experience doing so. Thinking About The Kind Of Riding You Prefer When choosing a bike, you need to think about how you would like to ride. For example, if you are more into touring, a touring bike is best. However, if you are more into speed or racing, a sport bike would be a better option. Maybe you are interested in joining a bike club that would require you to ride a traditional, classic style motorcycle. How you want to ride is important to think about so you can get the most out of the bike you select. Buying A New Or Used Bike Deciding on a used bike instead of a new one may because of your financial circumstances. However, while you may be able to get a used bike for a lot less cash, remember that buying used can mean buying a bike that could end costing you more in repairs later on. If you have your heart set on a used bike, be sure to have someone with you that is knowledgeable about motorcycles that can check it out for you. Having a used bike checked out by a qualified mechanic is a good way to learn if the bike is worth your investment. Remember that a motorcycle with a failing engine part can be dangerous as well. Taking the time to make the best decision about your motorcycle is worthwhile, especially when you are out on the road riding into the wind. Nothing compares to the freedom you can experience while on the back of a motorcycle, except the fact that you know you made  wise investment in it. Contact a local dealer, like Canyon Honda, for more...

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3 Tips For Getting The Best Deal When You Buy A Car At An Auto Dealer

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If you are in the market for a new car, then it is likely that one or more of the auto dealerships in your area will have the car that you want. However, because it is important that you get the best deal possible before purchasing your car, there are certain things that you should do. This includes doing research before you get to the dealership, and knowing exactly what you want when you get to the dealerships. This article will discuss 3 tips for getting the best deal when you buy a car at an auto dealer.  Get Pre-Approved For Your Car Loan Before you ever go to a car dealership to look for a car, it is a good idea to get pre-approved for your car loan. Doing this will make it so that you know ahead of time what interest rate you will be paying on your loan, so you know whether or not you can afford it. You can of course still choose to go with dealership financing if this is the better option for you, but you will greatly benefit by knowing ahead of time which financing option will offer you the best deal and the lowest interest rate.  Shop Around At Different Dealerships If you know the kind of car that you would like, but want to pay the best possible price for it, it is smart to shop around at different dealerships. To do this, you will first want to find the dealerships that sell the makes of cars that you want, such as a Toyota dealer if that’s the kind of car you’re looking for. Then spend a day or two talking with the dealers at these dealerships and seeing what kind of deals they have to offer you. If you find a deal that works great for you, and you have already checked the other dealerships, then you should definitely go for it.  Test Out The Cars And Ask About The Specs In order to make sure that the car you think that you want is the car that you actually want, spend some time in it. Take it out for a good test drive, and see how it handles. Ask the dealer about all of the different specs of the car, as well as all of the potential upgrade options. Gathering all of this information will help you to figure out if this car is right for you, and will let you know whether or not you are getting a great deal on the car that you want or...

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3 Tips To Help When You’re Shopping For A Used Car

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Some people buy a used car to help them save money, while others buy used because they don’t like how the newer model of their favorite car looks. Buying used cars can be a bit tricky though. Here are three tips to help when you’re shopping for a used car. 1. Look for used car dealerships that sell certified pre-owned cars. When you go looking to buy a used car, you are better off going with a used car dealership that only sells certified pre-owned vehicles. The reason for this is because you can feel more secure knowing you are getting a quality used car, and also because of the warranty. Car manufacturers will usually place lengthy warranties on their cars that have passed their standards to be considered a certified pre-owned car. The warranty that you get with the used car will differ depending on the car company that made it, but they are usually longer warranties than if you just bought the car new. 2. Always get a vehicle history report before making your final purchase. You have likely seen commercials on TV advertising various companies that provide vehicle history reports. This is an important thing to get because it serves as a record of what has happened to the car. It will tell how many times the car has been involved in an accident, if it has had flood damage, if the title has a lien on it, among other things. Many used car dealers will provide one to prospective buyers, but others may require you to get one for yourself. Either way, you shouldn’t buy a used car without getting the history report first. 3. Always test drive the car before you buy it. Much like you should always get the history report before you buy a used car, you should also always test drive it. The test drive is essential to help you make your final purchase decision. For instance, you may love how that used, red convertible looks on the lot, but you may not like the way it rides. Even if you think that you know you will love driving the car, it still makes the most sense to take it for a test drive. Most used car dealers, like RK Chevrolet, will allow test drives. If you find one that doesn’t, you should probably find another dealer who will allow it– not allowing a test drive should be a deal breaker for...

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