When Is A Bus More Than A Bus?

14 July 2021
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Have you ever thought about purchasing a used bus before? The odds are good that you're thinking, "no, I have not." While buses may not seem like a traditional vehicle to purchase, there are plenty of creative uses for enterprising individuals. A used bus is a perfect blank canvas for a variety of conversions and even entrepreneurial ideas.

While many bus conversions are as unique as those that carry them out, a little inspiration never hurts. Below you'll find three great ideas for buying a used bus and giving it a new life.

1. Recreational Vehicle Conversions

Buying an RV isn't cheap, and a used bus can potentially provide an affordable alternative. Although a passenger bus won't be immediately suitable for this role, many companies specialize in conversions. You can also choose to handle the conversion yourself, customizing the interior to fit your specific requirements and needs.

Buses offer several advantages over traditional RVs, as well. Commercial buses manufacturers build their vehicles to last, so you know you'll be buying into a reliable and long-lasting platform. You'll also have a broader range of size options with buses, from relatively small vans similar in size to Class C motorhomes up to buses that rival the largest Class A recreational vehicles.

2. Marketing Platforms

Do you own a business? A used bus can be a fantastic marketing opportunity! With a relatively minimal amount of internal conversion, you can use a bus to transport equipment and supplies to trade shows or conventions. Painting up the exterior to market your brand means you can make an unforgettable entrance when you arrive.

Buses also work well if you have a business that occasionally needs to hit the road. Whether you're transporting employees or setting up temporary booths at shows or events, a bus is a great way to roll. You'll have plenty of room for all the people and stuff you need, along with a vast canvas for advertising your brand along the way.

3. Food Kitchens

It might require a bit more effort, but a used bus can make an exciting starting platform for a food truck. You'll have more room available than with a traditional truck or trailer, and you'll undoubtedly make an impression. The larger interior volume also opens new possibilities to stand out from the crowd, such as indoor seating or ordering.

You'll probably need to work with a custom conversion company (or bring some serious skills of your own) to build your kitchen, but your efforts will reward you with an incredibly unique food truck and plenty of room for supplies and equipment.