3 Critical Things An Inexperienced Buyer Should Check Before Buying A Used Car

9 April 2015
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If you have never went to a car lot to purchase a vehicle, the whole idea can seem somewhat intimidating. There are so many places to turn that it can be difficult to track down the right car and the right kind of financing. Furthermore, when you are investing so much in a vehicle, the last thing you want is to end up with something that has problems.

Even if you have not purchased a car in the past or you are not too mechanically knowledgeable, there are things that you can do to ensure you get the best deal and drive off in a car that not only fits your budget, but will last you for several years.

Check On a Car History Report

The vehicle identification number, or VIN, is used to identify every vehicle in the country. It is assigned to a car at the factory and stays with it for the entirety of its use. This number is used when the vehicle is transferred and registered, sold for junk, and even when it is involved in accident for insurance purposes. You can typically obtain a car history report using this number to find out how many owners the car has had and how many major accidents it has been involved in.

Check the Condition Under the Hood

When a motor has not been spewing oil or releasing fumes and exhaust where it should not, the engine and motor components should look pretty clean. Keep in mind that most car lots do take the time to clean up the top of the motor before they place it on the lot for sale. However, it is a good idea to take a closer look to make sure the motor appears as good as it does upon first glance. Look down into cracks and crevices to make sure you do not find any built up grime.

Check the Instrument Panel

Most modern cars are equipped with an instrument panel that boasts many warning lights to alert the driver when something goes wrong. When you turn on the key and start up the vehicle at the car lot, take a close look at any lights that are displayed. You may see warnings that the brakes are showing signs of trouble, the oil needs to be changed, or even that the battery power is low.

When it comes to auto sales, being an inexperienced buyer can be an uncomfortable spot to be. However, with attention to the right details, you can easily make confident choices and get a decent vehicle to drive. Contact an outlet such as Hart Fullerton Leasing for further assistance.