3 Vehicles To Consider For Commuting

23 September 2016
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One of the most common reasons that people end up buying a vehicle in the first place is to get to and from work. However, not all vehicles are suitable or ideal for use as a commuter vehicle, usually due to their size or how quickly they can burn through fuel. Listed below are three vehicles to consider for commuting to work.


The best choice for a commuter vehicle if you have a lengthy commute to and from work is a hybrid, mostly because it can provide quite a bit more value for your money when it comes to fuel economy. It is not uncommon for a hybrid vehicle to have a substantial advantage in terms of fuel economy over similar cars in their class, with some hybrids even getting twice as much or more miles per gallon than comparable non-hybrid vehicles. 

As a result, you can end up saving quite a bit of money on fuel when commuting to and from work, which lets you keep quite a bit more of your paycheck. In addition, there are numerous tax breaks and benefits available if you buy a hybrid that can help you offset the purchase price of the vehicle. 

Sports Car

While a sports car may not seem like the most practical or economical choice for a commuter vehicle, it more than makes up for it by making your commute much more entertaining. Since most people spend a large chunk of their total driving time commuting back and forth from work, it only makes sense to make that driving time as enthralling and fun as possible. The excitement and fun provided by a sports car can help energize you on the drive to work or help you unwind on the trip home after a long day at work.


Finally, a motorcycle is a great choice for a commuter vehicle if you aren't planning on taking part in any carpool programs or giving co-workers a ride to work on occasion. The main reason that a motorcycle is a good choice is that it combines the benefits listed above for sports cars and hybrids.

Most motorcycles will provide you with much better fuel economy than even a hybrid can offer while still providing you with the fun factor that a sports car offers. In addition, there are a number of motorcycles on the market that provide quite a few storage compartments so that you can carry your lunch, paperwork, laptop, or other work essentials while keeping them protected from elements. As a result, you do not have to worry too much about a motorcycle's lack of a trunk.

Drop by a dealership in your area today to take a look at the various vehicles that would make good commuter vehicles. Hybrids, sports cars, and motorcycles are all great choices to consider when shopping for a new commuter vehicle.