Snowmobile Trailer Towing Tips

29 October 2016
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If you're planning on towing your snowmobiles, you're probably going to be driving in rough winter weather. Even if you're accustomed to pulling a trailer, doing so on winter roads requires a little more care and consideration. Here are some winter trailer towing tips to keep in mind while you get ready to enjoy some extreme winter fun on your snowmobiles.

Clear Off Snow and Ice

If your trailer has been sitting outside in winter, it likely has a layer of snow and ice on the bed and on the hardware. If you leave this on the trailer, you might not be able to see well enough to ensure that your snowmobiles are properly mounted to the trailer. In addition, built up ice on the trailer bed can cause your snowmobile to slide while in transit. This could damage your snowmobiles or even dangerously shift the weight on the trailer, causing you to have sudden and unexpected trouble maneuvering your towing vehicle on winter roads.

Avoid this safety hazard by really taking whatever time is necessary to completely clear off the snow and ice from your snowmobile trailer. Though it will take more effort, in the end you'll be saving extra problems getting the snowmobiles secured and attaching the trailer to your vehicle. In future, consider storing your trailer in the garage or at least cover it with a tarp in winter.

Double Check the Tires

In winter, your tire condition is even more important, especially since you'll be towing the heavy load of your snowmobiles. Under-inflated tires won't give you the traction you need on winter roads. Tires with poor tread depth can lead to skidding and worse.

Double check the tire tread condition by inserting a penny into the tread. The top of Lincoln's head should not be visible. Use a household tire pressure gauge to make sure the tire pressure is suitable for the type of tire.

Confirm the Trailer Lights Are Working

In winter, visibility is often compromised due to falling snow and sleet. Other drivers behind you may not realize you're even towing a trailer until it's too late to stop.

Get a friend to help confirm that the trailer lights are working, including the brake and turn signal lights. These lights are just as important when you're towing a snowmobile trailer that's empty as when you're towing the snowmobiles themselves.

These three winter snowmobile trailer towing tips should help you to get to your winter fun destination safely. For more information, talk to a professional like Ace Trailer Sales.