New Hondas And Why You Should Buy A Crossover SUV

4 April 2018
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In the last decade, many car manufacturers have created cars through a sort of mish-mash design process. When you look at these vehicles, you can see where the company took the front end of one car and merged it to the back end of one of their other vehicles. Sometimes the results are a very good car that handles well. At other times, it makes you wonder what they were thinking. 

The new Hondas coming out this year include a mish-mash vehicle; the crossover SUV. A crossover is what you get when you "cross over" a family sedan with something else. A crossover SUV is a crossover first, and then it is mixed up with an SUV. In the case of this particular vehicle, the aesthetics are reminiscent of a family station wagon, which is why it looks pretty good. If you are thinking about buying a similar vehicle, maybe you should consider a crossover SUV (like this one) first. Here are some reasons why.

All Business up Front, and Party in the Back

Like the mullet, a crossover SUV is all business-like up front, and party in the back. It looks and feels like a sporty sedan when you are the driver or front passenger. Once you are sitting in the back, it can convert the seats to places to sleep, store sporting equipment in the disguised storage space under the seats, and has a hatchback that opens up to lots more cargo space for suitcases or tailgating stuff. 

Total Control over Where the Wheels Go

In this kind of car, it is becoming quite popular to install the all-wheel drive systems. That gives you total control over where your wheels go, even if the road conditions are less-than-perfect. You can also turn the system off and on with the flick of a switch, just like you can in other full SUVs. If you do not know how to drive or handle a standard SUV, but you always wanted to drive an SUV, the crossover SUV is the vehicle version meant for you.

Little Car, Mighty Crash Strength

Most crossover cars are smaller vehicles. With smaller vehicles comes crash strength flaws. If you get into a crash, the little standard crossover vehicle is hardly going to be safe enough. A standard SUV is strong enough, but often too much car for some people. With a crossover SUV, you get the best of both worlds; steel reinforced SUV crash safety, and the smaller, more comfortable sizing of a crossover.