5 Technology Features You Can Find In Lightly Used Vehicles

11 December 2020
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When it comes to technology features, you don't have to purchase a brand new car to enjoy some really nice technology features. You can find lots of great tech features in lightly used vehicles that are three to five years old. As you shop for your next new or used vehicle, there are certain tech features you should look for.

1. Adaptive Cruise Control

First, if you do a lot of driving, you are going to want to look for a vehicle with adaptive cruise control. Adaptive cruise control takes regular cruise control to the next level. With this feature, you can set the speed that you want to drive and it will also respond to the speed of other cars, which helps keep your car a safe distance from the ones around it.

Then, your vehicle will keep you at or around that speed. With adaptive cruise control, your vehicle will use sensors to determine the flow of traffic and will adjust your speed accordingly so that you are not following too closely to other vehicles. Your vehicle will speed up and slow down within a set range without you having to take control.

2. Auto-Dimming Mirrors

Second, when someone is driving behind you, even if they don't have their bright headlights on, their headlights can still be overwhelming. With auto-dimming mirrors, your mirrors will darken automatically, and reduce the glare of the lights behind you. This will make it easier to drive at night.

3. LED or HID Headlights

In order to ensure that you can see well when you drive at night, look for a vehicle with either HID or LED headlights. Both headlights help to better illuminate the road in front of you and make it easier for you to drive safely at night.

4. Ventilated Seats

If you feel like your seat gets too hot or too cold when you are driving, look for a vehicle with ventilated seats. This is when the seat is designed with vents that allow for cold or hot air to be blown into the seat, allowing you to enjoy climate control over your seat when you are driving.

5. Automated Parking

Finally, look for a vehicle with an automated parking system. With this feature, you will get assistance with the task of parking. Depending on the system, you will get assistance with parallel parking and/or perpendicular parking. Some systems will help with all types of parking.

When it comes to purchasing a vehicle, be it a new vehicle or a certified used vehicle, pay attention to the tech features that come with the vehicle. The above tech features should be easy to find in new and certified used vehicles. For additional information, contact a car dealership.