3 Ways New Cars Are Becoming Personal Assistants

15 April 2021
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Newer model cars have come so far, especially with regards to technology, that they can almost seem like personal assistants. The improvements to cars help to make them safer, make them more comfortable, and make them more accomodating in many ways. Here are some of the reasons new cars can seem as if they are more personal assistants than they are vehicles: 

1. The car can remember your preferences

If you share your car with your spouse or anyone else, then you can find it irritating to put everything back to where you like it. Plus, it can be hard to find that perfect spot where the seat is sitting exactly how you like and this can make for uncomfortable trips. However, many of the newer model cars have systems in place that allow you to find your preferred settings; in some cases, you can even control them via your smartphone. 

2. The car can make sure you are nice and warm

Even though your car has a heater, it can still be hard to get inside of it because the cold seat can bother you and in fact, if you have back issues then sitting right into a cold seat can even be painful. Also, grabbing a cold steering wheel can be uncomfortable and if you have arthritis, then it can hurt as well. Some cars have extra features besides the heater to keep you warm, such as heated seats and even heated steering wheels. 

3. The car can help you look for potential danger 

There are a lot of systems that can come with newer model cars that help make sure you are aware of potential dangers. Sometimes things can change in the blink of an eye and this is why these systems can be great to have. They can alert you to dangers that you may not have seen yourself. There are the reverse camera and alert system that helps make backing up safer, the blindspot cameras and alert system that help to alert you if there is someone in your blind spot, the collision avoidance system that can warn you of a possible collision and help to slow the car if you don't react accordingly, and many others. 

Before you head out to look at new cars, you should give some thought to some of the ways you feel you could use a little extra help and look for a car that offers you that help. When you're ready, visit a local Nissan dealership.