Best Safety Features for New Vehicles for Senior Drivers

18 February 2022
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As you age, your body changes, and what you need from a vehicle can change as well. That is why it is essential to consider which safety features you need in a vehicle as a senior driver. The features listed below will enhance your overall driving experience.    

Feature #1: Rearview Camera  

With a rearview camera, you will not have to pivot your body and turn your neck to look back when you are backing up. You will get a complete look behind you with a rearview camera than you could get by manually looking yourself.   

Look for a vehicle with a big screen for the rearview camera to make it easier for you to see all the visual information that the camera provides you with. Backup cameras are the key to preventing collisions.   

Feature #2: Blindspot Detection  

A blind-spot detection system is different than a rearview camera. It uses a series of radars, sensors, and cameras to determine if another vehicle or object is in your blind spot. If there is, lights will appear on the door mirrors to let you know that a car is in your blind spot. Some vehicles give out an auditory warning as well.

Some vehicles even combine blind spot detection systems with automatic emergency steering, so if you are at risk of hitting someone or something in your blind spot, your vehicle will keep you safe.  

Feature #3: Lane Departure Warnings  

With a lane departure warning, you don't have to wait for the rumble strip to tell you that you have drifted out of your lane. Sensors on your vehicle will track the white lines on the road and issue an alert if you start to leave your lane without putting on a turn signal. If you drift over the lane without using a signal, your vehicle will be automatically steered back to where it should be.   

Feature #4: Driver Attention Warning  

Having your attention on the road is very important. With a driver attention warning system, your vehicle will collect data, including your steering wheel movement and length of time driving, to monitor your driving. If you start to exhibit signs that you are drowsy, your vehicle will alert you to get your focus back on the road.  

As a senior driver, you want a vehicle that pays attention to the road for you—a vehicle with rearview cameras, blind-spot detection system, lane departure warnings, and driver attention warning. A vehicle with all of these features will ensure that you are safe on the road by paying attention to what is happening around you.   

If you have questions about these features or a Mazda cx30 for sale, contact a local car dealership.