Buying A New Car? Ask These 4 Questions

8 July 2022
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Are you in the market for a brand new car, and plan to head to a local dealership to shop around? If so, you will need to be well prepared before you visit. Here are a few questions you'll want to ask when shopping for a new car. 

Can You View The Vehicle's Bill Of Sale?

Once you've found a car that you want to purchase, it's important to ask to view the vehicle's full bill of sale. This shows how the dealership arrived at the final cost of the vehicle by breaking down the cost line-by-line. This will let you know about what additional features and fees can be removed or negotiated, which can help lower the price of the car so you can purchase it at a fair price. 

Can The Dealership Offer A Better Price? 

Know that the price of a car is something that is negotiable, and you do not necessarily have to pay the price listed on the vehicle's sale sticker. Dealerships may want to get rid of a car if they've had it for a long time or they are about to get new models. It's always worth offering a lower price and seeing what the dealership will agree to in terms of pricing.

What Financing Terms Are Being Offered? 

Many people view the price of a car in terms of how much they are paying per month, since that is how they budget what they can afford. However, you want to know the terms associated with the financing so that you understand exactly what is offered. You should know what the total cost of the car is with interest and how many months the financing is for. You don't want to be interested in a car that you think you can afford, only to find out that it is over a 7-year term and you are paying more than you should. 

Is There A Cash Discount? 

While the dealership may offer you financing options, ask if there is a cash discount. Paying in cash doesn't necessarily mean that you need to pay for the car with money in your bank account, since this means you are free to look for financing elsewhere and pay the dealership the cash you receive. It's a way to save money on your financing since there are many lenders out there that may offer you a better deal on borrowing money. 

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