3 Benefits College Students Gain by Choosing to Buy a New Nissan Instead of a Used One

21 April 2015
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Unless you live on a college campus with amazing shuttle and bus service, you likely need a vehicle of your own so you can visit your family back home and get to work on time. Living off of student loans can make you pinch pennies, making a used car seem like the natural choice. However, there are three distinct benefits to spending a little more to get a brand new Nissan while focusing on completing your education.

Better Reliability

Tired of your older car taking five or six tries to start when you're already running late to a final exam? The reliability of a brand new car makes it worth investing in alone. Since crucial engine parts like timing belts and alternators wear out after thousands of miles, buying a new car with only a handful of miles on the odometer means you'll spend less time in the mechanic's shop. New parts also mean your car is less likely to refuse to start or leave you stranded on the side of the road.

The warranties and service plans included with new cars also help college students save money. If you don't have a lot of cash on hand for unexpected expenses, you'll be pleased to know your dealer is picking up the bill when you get a flat tire or it's time for yet another oil change. Buying a new vehicle with a lengthy warranty can keep you protected until after you've graduated.

Easier for a Career

Do you want to arrive at a high-end law firm for your interview in a car with a bumper held on by duct tape? The vehicle you drive plays a big part in your first impressions, and sometimes it's that impression alone that helps you win a position with lots of competition. Start preparing for your future career while you're still in college. Buy a car that matches the image you want to show the world as you embark on your new journey.

Faster Credit Development

Are you willing to deal with loan payments today to make it easier to get a mortgage or business loan later? Taking out a five year car loan helps you build up your credit score, which is often tricky in college since most student loans affect the records of the parents rather than the student. Loans for used cars also produce the same effects of course, but the higher cost of a new car leads to a longer loan and a bigger boost to your credit score.

With car brands like Nissan offering better and better deals each year, you don't need wealthy parents to get a new car before graduation. Make your college years less stressful and more fun with your own reliable ride, then continue enjoying the lasting benefits after graduation. For more information, contact Western Avenue Nissan