3 Tips To Help When You're Shopping For A Used Car

3 June 2015
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Some people buy a used car to help them save money, while others buy used because they don't like how the newer model of their favorite car looks. Buying used cars can be a bit tricky though. Here are three tips to help when you're shopping for a used car.

1. Look for used car dealerships that sell certified pre-owned cars.

When you go looking to buy a used car, you are better off going with a used car dealership that only sells certified pre-owned vehicles. The reason for this is because you can feel more secure knowing you are getting a quality used car, and also because of the warranty.

Car manufacturers will usually place lengthy warranties on their cars that have passed their standards to be considered a certified pre-owned car. The warranty that you get with the used car will differ depending on the car company that made it, but they are usually longer warranties than if you just bought the car new.

2. Always get a vehicle history report before making your final purchase.

You have likely seen commercials on TV advertising various companies that provide vehicle history reports. This is an important thing to get because it serves as a record of what has happened to the car. It will tell how many times the car has been involved in an accident, if it has had flood damage, if the title has a lien on it, among other things.

Many used car dealers will provide one to prospective buyers, but others may require you to get one for yourself. Either way, you shouldn't buy a used car without getting the history report first.

3. Always test drive the car before you buy it.

Much like you should always get the history report before you buy a used car, you should also always test drive it. The test drive is essential to help you make your final purchase decision. For instance, you may love how that used, red convertible looks on the lot, but you may not like the way it rides.

Even if you think that you know you will love driving the car, it still makes the most sense to take it for a test drive. Most used car dealers, like RK Chevrolet, will allow test drives. If you find one that doesn't, you should probably find another dealer who will allow it-- not allowing a test drive should be a deal breaker for you.